Who should purchase a script?

Established escape room owners (USA and Canada only) who want to save time in the creative process as well as offer a unique or reimagined theme in their venue.

What is included in a script?

Our scripts include a game synopsis and walkthrough, reference photos, and escape game prop links. We want to provide the foundation for your next room at an affordable price.

What is not included in a script?

Diagrams, room layouts, reset checklists, and hint sheets. We are content-focused and price our scripts accordingly.

Do you build rooms yourselves?

We work with local turn-key providers who can produce diagrams, room layouts, and build-outs.

Have these scripts been tested?

Virtual proofs-of-concept for a few of our scripts have been released to the public following the Covid-19 lockdown. Outside of those games, these are untested scripts that we wish to release to escape room owners who want to save time in the creative process.

How does the process work?

Once a script has been requested, we will need to confirm that the same script has not been sold within a 100-mile radius of your venue. If approved, you will need to sign our licensing agreement and then pay for your script. After payment has been completed, you will receive an email with your script attached.

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