Meet Austin Reed

Austin played his first escape room in fall of 2016, when his seasonal job was rained out and a co-worker was game.

Even though his team of two did not escape, Austin immediately fell in love with the concept and wanted to learn everything he could about the industry.

After a year and nearly 20 games later, Austin hosted his first pop-up escape room. The following year, he would run another. Allowing his games to be seen by the public taught him game flow as well as how to generate intrigue in players.

The transition 'back' online during Covid-19 gave Austin a wider reach to test concepts that would become new room scripts, as well as the opportunity to write puzzles for turnkey escape room providers!

Today, Austin has played over 60 escape rooms and writes escape room scripts full-time. His design philosophy is to maximize discovery and tangibility!



Divine Retribution at The Oddporium (Pop-Up)


Pandora's Toy Box at The Oddporium (Pop-Up)


Pop-Punk Pandemonium, Devil's Den, and Mistress Make-Off at Be the Escape (Virtual)

The Other Side: Room 401 at Escape Room NJ


Escape from Smuggler's Island and The Legend of the Jersey Devil at Cloak and Dagger Wildwood


Subway Escape at Brighton Asylum Escape


Mortuary Escape at 7 Gates Screampark

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